Free Downloads

Welcome to the free download page for  We have put together a few free downloads to help you get started with your group. First off, click the link on the player below and hear a successful member describe how she got started and what she achieved after a short time in her Master Mind group. Once you hear some of the stories about how easy, fun and effective Master Minding can be, you’ll be pumped up to get started.

After you listen to the audio above, you’ll want to download these three printed items:

  1. A list of Do’s and Don’ts
  2. Sample Master Mind Meeting Format
  3. Eight Keys to Unlock the Master Mind Consciousness

A list of Do’s and Don’ts that will help you avoid unneccessary grief and get optimal satisfaction from your group  If you’ve been in support groups in the past, you know that some groups are more effective than others. We want to get you started off with a “Do and Don’t” list so you can save yourself years of frustration. (Click here to download the “Do and Don’t” list)

As an added bonus, we’re providing you with this sample Master Mind Meeting Format used by Ty and the Savvy Soul Sisters. Use this format to structure your group and set the tone for your meetings. (Click here to download the sample Master Mind Meeting Format)

Eight Keys to Unlock the Master Mind Consciousness are an important part of the meeting. With the format and steps in hand, you are ready to get started tonight. However, if you’d like a little more guidance and assistance with starting your own group, stay tuned to future mailings for information about coaching and training by Sheri Zampelli and webinars with the Savvy Soul Sisters. (Click here to download the Eight Keys to Unlock the Master Mind Consciousness.)

Master Minding is one of the most powerful ways you can create your destiny. It’s easy, it costs next to nothing and it’s as powerful as any healing or personal development method you can think of. The benefits you can derive from this on-going group will change your life forever and help you create the life you want.

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